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Lake Park Gated Community
East Howard Avenue, St. Francis
  Parkwood Lake Apartments
6801-6865 South 68th St., Franklin
River Park Apartments
115-137 Chaffee Road, Oconomowoc
Greenfield Park Apartments
4700-4721 S. Supreme Ct., Greenfield
  Orchard Park Apartments
6901-6951 West Orchard St., West Allis
Central Park Apartments
1461-1541 South 98th St., West Allis
  Sunny Crest Exterior
Parkway Central Apartments
1612-1632 South 76th St., West Allis
1613-1633 South 75th St., West Allis
  Parkway South I, II, III
2433-2551 South 43rd St., Milwaukee

Sunny Crest Apartments
115 North 68th Street., Milwaukee